YHPC partners with non-profits, individuals, and groups to network adoptable cats and dogs. The information is sourced from third parties and may not always reflect the most current status.

Updated every Wednesday.

  • Bodi

    Bodi is a sweet, good-natured dog. He’s still a puppy and learning about crate training.

  • Cheddar

    Our sweet boy Cheddar is 4 months and growing. Rescued from Cleburne animal shelter along with another orphan Fendi.

  • Dancypants

    Dancypants is a happy little girl, she enjoys playtime, and adventure's. She truly has a good nature, and character.

  • Destiny

    Destiny is shy but with time she will flourish. She is great with other kitties.

  • Dobey

    Meet Dobey the finest Doberman pup! Our sweet guy is the all legs and a total love bug. He is playful, and loves snacks.

  • Etta

    She has the prettiest face, her fur is soft. She has the cutest dark coloring on her tail.

  • Fendi

    Fendi is sweet as can be. Adventure is the name of the game, and curiosity leads to more fun. Fendi is fostered with Cheddar kitten, both came in as orphans.

  • Frank

    Frank is the most precious little puppy. Such adorable eyes. Wearing his tuxedo he's all dressed for success.

  • Hailey

    Hailey is a beautiful girl. She always seems to be happy. Recently rescued from Joshua shelter. Can you imagine a beauty like her in a shelter!

  • Holly

    Beautiful Holly is a tri color Lab/Collie/Shepherd mix. She's got all the right mix to make the perfect pup. She is just 4 months and growing strong.

  • Honey

    Honey is as sweet as her name is. She is just about 4 months and growing. A happy Shepherd mix. She has a great temperament.

  • Jeeves

    He enjoy's playing with the other kittens. Jeeve's is discovering new toy's and how much fun those can be.

  • Jethro

    Jethro is the color of a shadow and chatters when he is hunting for bugs. Jethro needs a quiet home.

  • Kasey

    Kasey would like a home that she will get plenty of love and exercise in. A nice comfy bed or blankets to snuggle on at night time would be good too.

  • Linzy

    Linzy is a sweet jet black kitten with the cutest white paws. She is just 5 months old. She would love a home that she will have lots of love and attention.

  • Maddie

    Maddie is as cute as a button.Truly a gem. Sweet, friendly and loving.

  • Marilyn

    Marilyn is a doll. She is a Labrador. Just 3 1/2 months old. She loves to play with her siblings.

  • Mary

    Mary is a beautiful Shepherd mix with whatever else, we are not sure. She is a happy girl, very sweet. Love's to snuggle and cuddle. She is discovering new treats and fun things to play with.

  • Maylee

    Maylee is a gorgeous 13 week old Lab/Border Collie mix. She is ready for a wonderful home. Teeny little fluffy girl right now.

  • Minnie

    Minnie is a cute little Lab/Border Collie mix. Just 13 weeks and growing. She has a little white chest, and a small patch of white on her neck.

  • Molina

    Molina is a sweet little Labrador/Border collie mix. She is just 13 weeks and growing.

  • Parisa

    Parisa is a Catahoula mix. Friendly with people, and has met several new foster dogs in her foster home.

  • Peggy Poe

    Little Peggy is a Chiweenie. Just 10 weeks old and a teeny girl. She is going to stay a small size dog.

  • Reese

    Reese has a sweet personality. She is calm but also likes to have fun and playtime. She will be a large dog (60-70lbs) when fully grown.

  • Roman Charlie

    Charlie is friendly and loves other dogs and people. He does best with older kids and no small animals.

  • Sofia

    Sophia is a laid back girl but not a huge fan of other cats. She does fine as long as she has her own space.

  • Sunny

    Sunny is in temporary boarding, if you are interested in Sunny please contact Liz 214 616 6128.

  • Tamale

    Tamale is a gorgeous girl who needs a little time to get comfortable. She loves attention and is good with other kitties.

  • Tasha

    Tasha enjoys people and other dogs and walks well on a leash. She is gentle and friendly towards dogs but it’s unknown if she will do well around cats.

  • Whisper

    Whisper is a little anxious and needs a quiet home where she won’t be left alone for too long. She is sweet and loves cuddles and will do best in a home with no small children.