YHPC partners with non-profits, individuals, and groups to network adoptable cats and dogs. The information is sourced from third parties and may not always reflect the most current status.

Updated every Wednesday.

  • Captain

    Captain has such gorgeous markings. He is very sweet and wiggly.

  • Cola

    Cola is shy at first but her playfulness and good nature are apparent once she's comfortable.

  • Dagwood

    He is a very sweet boy. He is good with the other dogs he is fostered with. He enjoy's meeting new people, give him a good rub and he will be your best pal.

  • Destiny

    Destiny is shy but with time she will flourish. She is great with other kitties.

  • Devon

    Devon has an awesome personality! He enjoys walks in the park and water. He does well with other dogs, and people.

  • Etta

    She has the prettiest face, her fur is soft. She has the cutest dark coloring on her tail.

  • Henry

    Henry loves to sniff out new adventures and lets you know his finding by letting out his hound like bark.

  • Jeeves

    He enjoy's playing with the other kittens. Jeeve's is discovering new toy's and how much fun those can be.

  • Joan Jett

    She is friendly, playful, fun, and good around kids that know how to play with smaller dogs.

  • Lewis Leveau

    Lewis is a small little guy, very wiggly. Such an adorable little guy.

  • Lila Leveau

    Lila is a small little girl. Cute as can be. She is wiggly and like's to be around others. One of Lotus’ puppies!

  • Lotus Leveau

    Beautiful Lotus came in with seven puppies! Lotus is a playful girl and likes to be active but enjoys her rest too.

  • Mac

    Mac is cuddly boy who loves to lay on your neck. He's very sweet and full of playfullness. Born approx 6/18, he was rescued from the Cleburne Shelter.

  • Maddie

    Maddie is as cute as a button.Truly a gem. Sweet, friendly and loving.

  • Marilyn

    Marilyn is a doll. She is a Labrador. Just 3 1/2 months old. She loves to play with her siblings.

  • Misty

    Beautiful Misty is just a young puppy. She has a kind and happy face and innocence in her eyes. Just adorable.

  • Ray

    Ray is a ``Ray of sunshine``. He is full of life and happiness. He wants to be your friend, get cuddles and lots of love.

  • Reese

    Reese has a sweet personality. She is calm but also likes to have fun and playtime. She will be a large dog (60-70lbs) when fully grown.

  • Roman Charlie

    Charlie is friendly and loves other dogs and people. He does best with older kids and no small animals.

  • Sadie

    Sadie is smart, good with other dogs, friendly and loves people. She is playful, and enjoys playing with toys.

  • Sassy

    Sassy is playful, enjoys playing with toys, loves a snuggly bed or blanket. A cuddle with someone would be nice.

  • Selina

    Selina is a wiggly playful girl. She loves toys, cuddles with people and a soft blanket or bed. Ready to have lots of fun with her new family.

  • Sofia

    Sofia is a laid back girl but not a huge fan of other cats. She does fine as long as she has her own space.

  • Solly

    Solly is a character, he’s playful but enjoys a good snooze time, especially if he can have a snuggle as well.

  • Spice

    Spice is a lovely, playful girl. She likes attention and is great with kids.

  • Sunny

    Sunny is in temporary boarding, if you are interested in Sunny please contact Liz 214 616 6128.

  • Tamale

    Tamale is a gorgeous girl who needs a little time to get comfortable. She loves attention and is good with other kitties.

  • Ted

    Ted is very smart, and full of life. He loves to play, is very observant, and knows when its time to rest.

  • Toby

    Toby is a sweet, adorable girl who loves to cuddle. She is very docile and laid back and is great with kids.

  • Valerie

    Valerie enjoys playing with other dogs, eating, drinking and lounging.She is a doll and very loving.

  • Wynonna

    Wynonna, a beautiful tuxedo girl who likes to play with toys, or her siblings.

  • Xena

    Xena is the perfect house guest. She gets along well with people and other dogs, oh and shes good around cats too.