YHPC partners exclusively with Shelter2Rescue Coalition to help network adoptable dogs + cats in Texas rural shelters.

Updated every Wednesday.

  • Anastasia

    Anastasia is a young adult dobie with a great disposition, she is so friendly!

  • Angel

    Ms Angel is a happy and affectionate girl. She enjoys laying on top of her foster mom for a Netflix binge, and is a great cuddler.

  • Ava

    Ava is a sweet and gentle girl who is housebroken and crates well when her foster mom is away.

  • Aziza

    Aziza is new to our crew and is a sweet Collie/Border Collie mix. She loves to give hugs and be hugged.

  • Brenda

    Brenda is a happy girl. She is affectionate and a great size.

  • Clover

    Clover is a big, calm, crate trained lady who is a lab mix.

  • Hailey

    She is enjoying interacting with other foster dogs while waiting for her forever home. Spending time playing with new types of toys, or an odd chew or stick.

  • Janie

    Janie is friendly, she has shown to get along with other dogs and people and loves to play!

  • Lily

    Lily is active, playful, and loves to get into things. She is a jumper and escape artist. Lily needs a home where her job is to be loved and be the best kitty.

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo's status is urgent!

  • Luna

    Luna is very smart. She needs someone that will give her a great structure and train her new things. She loves attention and listens to you.

  • Maddox

    Maddox is the name, play your cards right and I will be yours forever.

  • Mali

    Mali is gentle and affectionate and is good around other animals and people.

  • Natalia

    Natalia is already doing well on potty training, she is getting there even after a short time out of the shelter. She does well in her crate when her foster mom goes to work.

  • Patrick

    Patrick loves attention, belly rubs, neck scratches, head rubs, all those good things. He adores people, and just appears to be a happy cat.

  • Pumba

    Pumba loves to play and tumble with his siblings. He would love a home with another kitty or just someone who will give him lots of love, playtime, and more.

  • Rex

    Rex, what a happy little chap he is. He likes other dogs and people.

  • Roman Charlie

    Charlie is friendly and loves other dogs and people. He does best with older kids and no small animals.

  • Sandy

    Sandy is easy going and is good around others, she is good at home or on a trip!

  • Sarabi

    Sarabi would love a home where she can just wonder around her home. Visit with her loved ones, snuggle time too. Finding comfy spots to take long naps would be great.

  • Sofia

    Sofia is a laid back girl but not a huge fan of other cats. She does fine as long as she has her own space.

  • Spice

    She is affectionate, playful, great with other pets. Spice is fostered with one of her siblings Sugar. They love being around eachother.

  • Splooter

    He is a silly, happy guy who has yet to meet a person he doesn’t like!

  • Sugar

    Sugar and Spice are fostered together. She is happy to play with her sister, but likes time sat on her fosters lap too.

  • Sunny

    Sunny is in temporary boarding, if you are interested in Sunny please contact Liz 214 616 6128.

  • Timone

    Timone loves to play, loves attention and loves to be pet. All his siblings as a whole group adore toys and are all very curious!

  • Trey

    Trey’s status is urgent!

  • Velma

    Velma- shy and timid, she is quiet and calm. She likes to be around people but is not an in-your-face type of kitten. She likes scratches behind the ear and sleeping next to her person.

  • Wiggles

    Wiggles could be the guy for you. Great personality, did we mention good looks!

  • Yang

    Yang is a happy delightful dog. Just a year old. Labrador mix.

  • Zac

    Zac is a sweet one year old boy who is friendly and playful!

  • Zazu

    Zazu is very cool, laid back yet playful. Loves to have attention and be pet. What an amazing little guy he is.