YHPC partners with non-profits, individuals, and groups to network adoptable cats and dogs. The information is sourced from third parties and may not always reflect the most current status. Updated weekly on Monday.

  • Bart Maverick

    He is almost 2 years old and we guess he is a Plott hound mix. Bart is an awesome looking dog and he would love to be your best friend. He would be the perfect partner to take on a Sunday drive as he loves car rides. Bart also loves to play and is good with most dogs although not cats.

  • Bazzle Jones

    Bazzle – born 11/1/12 – short haired mixed breed – 45 lb. neutered male dog Seeking a forever family without young children. Bazzle is an incredibly smart, energetic, fun, affectionate, playful and protective dog. He came to us a puppy and is completely house trained.

  • Chesapeak

    He is a beautiful 2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever lab mix. He loves to chase balls and loves to play! He does well with other dogs, but prefers female dogs over males.

  • Devon

    Devon just a young black lab puppy looking for someone to scoop him up and love him forever.

  • Emmy

    Emmy was rescued last July from Glen Rose animal shelter in Texas. She was a part of a confiscation case. Too many dogs and not being properly cared for. Give this sweet baby the home she deserves!

  • Joker

    Joker is an outgoing young guy at 12-18 weeks. He loves to play and already thinks he is a lap dog. He is neutered and still in the process of getting his vaccinations.

  • Lori

    Lori came to us from Cleburne and is looking for a great new home! She is outgoing and talkative but only because she has a world to explore. Lori is 6 months old.

  • Jughead

    Jughead is a longhaired marble tabby. He has a lot of energy and wants to play all day. Born approx 4/6/17.

  • Archie

    Archie and Jughead are the cutest set of twins and they are longhaired marble tabby's.

  • D.B.

    DB is a great companion, She loves people and has been great with children. She is 2.5 years old. DB was found by a young couple in East Fort Worth.

  • Cupcake

    This cutie patootie is only 6 months old and is listed as a Lab mix.

  • Deegan

    Deegan is a gorgeous 7 month old chocolate lab mix who loves to be active and swim! He’s so funny and LOVES to splash around in the water.

  • Cricket

    He is a orange and white short haired 1 yr old with a bobtail. He is loving boy that adores a tiny cat bed and enjoys disappearing in fleece blankets!

  • Henry

    Henry tends to be nervous/shy in the beginning and enjoys playing with other dogs and no small children.

  • Ernie

    Ernie is an awesome happy go lucky Lab mix who is just 12 weeks old.

  • Gertie

    Gertie is very sweet and adorable! Her foster parents say she is social and does well with their other med to small dogs.

  • Ella

    My name is Ella and I'm a petite lady. Favorite things include food, cuddling, playing, resting, Netflix, snacking, cuddling

  • Marsh

    He is 2 years old, weighing about 10 lbs. He adores other dogs and ideally will be adopted in a multi pet household.

  • Misty

    Misty is playful and sweet. She loves to rough and tumble and would do best in a home with another kitty to play with.

  • Matthew

    Matthew is not your typical 2.5 year old chihuahua! He doesn't shiver and quake in the midst of chaos! He has a bravado that is adorable and worthy of respect.

  • Ollie

    Ollie was adopted from our rescue 7 years ago. It has been a hard decision for the family that they need to rehome him due to personal reasons.