Do Cats Get Lonely when I go on Vacation?

People enjoy the companionship of various domestic pets, especially dogs and cats all around the world. Cats are considered as a source of happiness and contentment. But cats feel abandoned and nervous when they are left alone, just like human beings. Cat breeds have their unique personality, so they respond differently while they are alone. They have strong feelings of care and affection for their owner as well. The absence of their owner results in behavioral changes, mood disorders, and hunger issues. People love to travel during a vacation, and they leave their pets at home. Here we will bring you some reliable and useful ideas about how to handle your cats while you are on vacation.

Signs of loneliness:

Cats are intuitive and smart creatures. They create a strong attachment and bonding with their owner quickly. So, they are prone to separation anxiety, which gives rise to aggression and destructive behavior. Few breeds like Burmese and Siamese feline are more susceptible to loneliness. When you come back home, you will observe a definite change in your cat’s attitude. Cats miss human stimulation for weaning and playing, so isolation generates a negative impact on their personality. Any absence makes your cat lonely. You can notice the following common signs in stressed-out kitties that are caused by loneliness:

  • Change in eating patterns
  • Excessive scratching
  • Destructive behavior
  • Unwanted meowing
  • Urinating outside of the litter box
  • Spraying
  • Health problems
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lack of sleep
  • Extreme yelling
  • Patching
  • Shedding
  • Crying

How to help your cat?

By monitoring the daily routine of your kitty, you can create a safe and secure environment for her. If you are going on vacation for two or three days, then you can manage by displaying some exciting items for your cat. Instead, if you are going for more extended periods, you should arrange a pet sitter for your kitty. A happy left behind pet will bring you joy and comfort while you come back from vacation. We are going to share some exciting ideas to address the loneliness of your cat.

1.    Buy some Fun Toys

The most important thing is to engage your kitty in some fun activities. It will be a source of mental stimulation and relaxation. For instance, you can buy some colorful feathers and toy mice for her. Bringing her a new cat house will distract her mind. In addition to this, get your kitty new scratching post and some wooden blocks for playful activities.

2.    Getting Enough Food

Cats need both solid and liquid food. So before boarding for vacation, make sure you have arranged enough food for your kitty. The lack of water can make her dehydrated, which may invite illness. It would be best if you rely on fat reserves for energy before going on vacation. Food must include all ingredients like protein and carbohydrates as well.

3.    Clean Litter Box

Another imperative factor in reducing anxiety is to provide a clean litter box for your cat. If the litter box is unclean, it will annoy your pet, so make sure a safe and hygienic living condition before leaving her alone. The most common sign of depression among cats includes urination other than the litter box. If you do the same things, your cat will gradually learn to cope with mood swings in your absence.

4.    Arrange Favorite Music

Every cat behaves differently. Few cats love to watch movies, while others stick to different sorts of music. Before you leave her alone, you must arrange for some background music for your furball. Some cats adhere to radio noise, so you should activate it for her. This noise can stick her to its routine.

5.    Proper Medication

In this modern age, people tend to offer anxiety reduction pills for their cats, which helps her to behave normally. You should consult a veterinarian for proper medication plan before your departure. Many health issues are faced by your kitties when they are alone, so it is vital to administer her stress with medicines.

6.    Pet sitter

If you are going on vacation or a work trip always arrange care for your cat(s) through a reliable pet care provider such as Your Home Pet Care.

In a nutshell

The bottom line, it is evident that cats feel lonely in the absence of their owner. Every cat response is different, so what works for one may not be helpful for others. So, it is essential to learn the attitude of your cat to address the separation anxiety. Make different experiences with your cat and provide them with the most enjoyable atmosphere before going on vacation.

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