Pet Transport

Pet Transport


Courier your pet safely from point A to B. Dogs can be taken outside to eliminate before and after transport. However, dog walking is an additional feature. Transportation provided for the following activities: Vet, daycare, therapy + groomers.


List price includes up to 25 miles total. Requests over 25 miles require mileage and YHPC will charge .60 per mile up to a maximum of 65 total miles. Miles are calculated from the pickup location to the drop-off destination and back to the pickup location when necessary. YHPC includes up to 75 minutes of wait time when someone is required to be onsite. Additional time is billed at $5 in fifteen-minute increments. Extra miles and wait time are charged separately.


For the safety of your pet(s) a pet carrier or restraint must be provided. Pet capacity is limited to the size of the Pet Care Specialist vehicle. Dog parks are not supported due to increased risk of injury and disease.

NEW customers, please contact YHPC first before scheduling + paying. An introduction meeting is required before service starts. During this session, we will gather requirements and ensure there is a fit.

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