3 Reasons to Choose In-Home Pet Care

Three Reasons to Choose Home Pet Care for Your Beloved Pet

Pet owners that are unavailable for their pets have a lot of options, depending on the communities they live in and what’s available nearby.

Many pet owners are now choosing in-home pet care instead of shuttling dogs, cats or other pets to a pet hotel, vet or kennel.

Here are some reasons why in-home pet care is becoming so popular in today’s market.

  1. Your Pet is Comfortable in Their Home!

Pets prefer to be in their own home where they feel the safest.

Your pet has a routine and an established territory with habits, and going to a kennel or boarding facility disrupts that routine. Also, your pet might not get along with all of the ruffians and assorted characters that he or she meets at a boarding kennel – because life is not like a Disney movie!

With these things in mind, many owners are taking advantage of home pet care services that come to you and your pet where you live. That allows your animal companion to live his or her life without interruption or surprises.

  1. There’s No Transport for You!

Busy pet owners sometimes really don’t enjoy driving their pet around.

Some pets get carsick or experience severe anxiety in transit (ever tried to stuff a scared cat into a carrier?). Even if a pet loves to travel, owners don’t always have the time to transport their pets.

With in-home pet care, the owner schedules the service then makes the payment to book the time in the provider’s calendar. The pet gets to stay at home, and the owner does not have to worry about dropping off and picking up their pets. YHPC employees will treat your home with the utmost care and respect.

  1. Risk

There are inherent risks when leaving pets in a kennel such as pets can contract viral diseases, or they can sustain injuries from other pets. Keeping pets in their home minimizes theses risks. Also, pets that are away from their owners can become depressed and being in boarding can exacerbate this sadness and stress.

At Your Home Pet Care, we delight in taking care of your dog, cat, caged pets or equines, and offer a wide range of services. We provide four categories of services such as dog walking, where we take care to “provide a purposeful walk” – we also provide pet care visits, overnight sitting and transport services. Our providers are CPR and first aid trained, and we’re ready to provide professional care for your pets. Review our site for details and rates and set up an introduction meeting today!

Shawna / Partner

Hi! Thank you for visiting YHPC’s site. I’ve been a lifelong pet owner, and for the past fifteen years, I’ve been in the telecom and technology sector, working for Fortune 500 companies in sales and marketing. Frequently I traveled for work which meant leaving my two dogs, Keiko, an 85 lb Akita and Gypsy, a 90 lb rescue, in the care of others. Leaving always caused stress and anxiety because I did not know who to trust to care for them regularly. During trips, I would wonder when the person arrived/departed and if my dogs were ok. Given my background, I was aware of the technology that could help answer those questions and decided to create Your Home Pet Care. I’m glad you found us, and I hope you give our pet care services a try!

Certifications: Pet CPR + First Aid