Waste Management

Waste Management (Add-On)


Basic yard service to remove pet waste. To use this service customer must supply a scooping tool and disposal method. We provide this service as an add-on to a core service and cannot be purchased as a stand-alone offering.


Keeping your yard clean of poo helps prevent contamination, bacteria, and disease from spreading into the soil and more importantly from being tracked into the house! Dog feces can contain parvovirus, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms, giardia and other types of bad news for you and your pets. If left unattended, bacteria and viruses could infect your pets and family. Maintaining a hygienic space for your pets to play in will help keep them safe, happy and healthy.


Service area up to .25 acres only.

This optional feature can be selected during the scheduling process of our core services:

Pet Care Visit

Overnight Sitting

Dog Walking

Pet Transport